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The game from Niantic has taken us all by surprise even from its release as more countries around the world joined the hype train every week. Players from every corner of the planet are running here and there towards a common goal, that of becoming the very best. In order to become that we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to turn you from a casual player to a true Pokemon master.

Visit Parks With A Lot Of PokeStops

Notwithstanding the fact that Pokemon are to be found almost everywhere, if you want to find a plethora of them visit a populated areas such as parks. If the park happens to have different types of terrain it’s even better as it enables you to catch multiple types of Pokemon.

Search In Groups

Pokemon appear no matter how many players are within their reach and they are for everyone to catch. Chasing after them in groups is highly encouraged as it can prove to be more fun and you can also cover more ground as you won’t get easily bored of being alone.

Use Your Radar

Finding yourself wandering about your neighborhood you’ll find a ring which pulses and glows around your trainer. This ring is your personal GPS for the game and it shows your proximity to either a PokeStop or Gym. It also doubles for luring out nearby Pokemon.

Turn Off Augumented Reality

By turning off Augumented Reality you are not only making sure that you’ll save up big on battery life but also saves you the difficulty of catching your small critters. If you want to keep your AR on in order to enjoy the full Pokemon Go experience, do it when you find a Pokemon in a particularly humorous location.


Crashes Do Happen Sometimes

Niantic’s servers are constantly overloaded and the game happens to crash every now and then. If you happen to catch a Pokemon during that time it will hang on you but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose the catch. You’ll just have to force quit the game and re-enter it and your Pokemon will be either in your Pokedex or waiting for you to catch it again.

Play During Off-Hours

Nothing beats playing some Pokemon Go during lunchtime and afternoon hours as they are the most busy and will enable you to pair with multiple friends but if you do manage to play the game somewhere late in the evening or early mornings not only will you get a free workout just before getting started but it will bring a more enjoyable experience to the gameplay.

Know Your Surroundings

A lot of places around town have nests where the same types of Pokemon spawn consistently. Being a nest means that a certain Pokemon will only be available for two weeks so catch it while you still can. Nests are on a rotational basis and that means they will change every 2 week interval to yield new Pokemon and also keep things interesting.

Drop Some Lures Where You Spend Your Free Time

If you find yourself not having the mood for hunting try dropping some lures at your local bar or mall and you’ll just have to lay back and let them do their magic. You get new Pokemon spawning once every 3 to 5 minutes with a small chance of a rare Pokemon appearing.

If you follow these simple tips and tricks they will surely yield you the best experience Pokemon Go has to offer and above all it will make it more easier doing so.

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