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Having a great technological lead over their direct competitor Oculus, HTC sales have skyrocketed with its first generation of HTC Vive. They are more than ready for an upgrade though and rumor has it that they are preparing to release information about a future device upgrade. Some important features are expected and they will most likely revolutionize the VR segment.

HTC Vive 2 is said to feature wireless VR technology. It will make up for the restricted space that VR enthusiasts are limited to and it will greatly improve the device’s popularity. Another great update includes the likes of having a 4K display.

Of course, it will take a lot of energy to power such resolution and benefiting from wireless connectivity it does not simply add up.

Let’s see how HTC chooses to deal with this problem. Their new device is said to revolutionize the way in which virtual reality is perceived right now and if their second try at creating a VR device is as successful as the first one, fans are in for a treat. HTC hasn’t announced anything about its device yet but it is sure to make its appearance at CES which is just around the corner.

These rumored features are nothing but encouraging as it will bring a more natural navigation in the VR space as well as more advanced motion tracking performance with enhanced precision which will immerse its users better into the VR environment.

The new model is also said to bring more applications to the table as it can provide practicality to healthcare, education as well as navigation technology. We can only wait and hope for the partnership between HTC and Valve to bring something good to the table.