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Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate with whoever we desire no matter how far away they are. That alone is an extraordinary feat and a reflection of the great times we live in, let alone all the additional features that are available in instant messaging apps.

While the majority of smartphone and computer users flock towards more popular services such as Skype or WhatsApp, some are looking for healthy alternatives that can help them switch it up a bit and who knows, maybe find a new favorite chatting ap.

That being said, we present you Hike Messenger. While most of the core functions found on other apps remain, Hike manages to steal you over with its nice design and compelling “personality”, so to speak. One of the greatest thing about Hike is the fact that it is available on both mobile and PC, meaning that you don’t have to switch services based on what platform you’re using. Not only is that a great feature, but it’s also proof that Hike can keep up with the rest of the programs of similar design which offer cross platform services.

While using Hike you will be able to benefit from a series of perks and functionalities such as the ability to commence massive shares. You can share stuff with your entire contact list through a timeline based option.

Additionally, you can use the app’s group chat feature in order to communicate with as many friends as you want at any given time. Receive all their updates and funny pictures, memes and messages just for laughs. And if you don’t have any friends it’s ok, you can still get all those things by subscribing to Hike’s feature called Just for Laughs.

No matter if you’re on PC or Android, you have nothing to lose by giving Hike a try and seeing how it fares in your book against other communication apps that currently dominate the mainstream market.