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There are a few iconic, well, icons on the Google Android interface. These are the kind of icons that you will recognize from a mile away and also will see across pretty much and homescreen configuration you check out. As of Android 7.1 Nougat however, Google is offering its users a little versatility in terms of some app icons and what you could link to your homescreen.

One of the aforementioned iconic shortcuts is the one for the Google Play Store. Everyone can agree that having the Play Store on your homescreen can save you a lot of hassle through the fact that you don’t have to rummage through your app drawer every time you need to access the store. The changes we were talking about rely in the fact that you can now swap the Google Play Store shortcut with a My Apps shortcut.

It’s all part of the larger concept put together by Google for Android 7.1. If you are currently using that firmware version, you are safe to assume that you too can change your Play Store shortcut for My Apps. To do this, simply long press on the Store icon in your app drawer and wait for the list of options and shortcuts to pop up.

Once that happens, simply drag and drop the one you need right onto your homescreen. In this case you would drag My Apps. By doing this you have a faster window towards your app updates and the list of installed apps as per Google’s Play Store.

Also, the search bar present completely removes any justification from keeping the old Play Store around as you can search directly from My Apps.

The Play Store app is only one of multiple that provides such a depth to it, as Google has added the long press shortcuts to a variety of default apps and brand software. If

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