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Android users have the option of enjoying a plethora of discounts from the Google Play Store at any given moment but this time users couldn’t believe their eyes as for the first time ever some games were made available at the price of a single US penny.

The games that have received these discounts are Lost Journey published by DreamSKy. It’s a puzzle game in which players can explore space. You play as Jennifer who has the sole mission of getting back her memories.

Confronting many trials she uses her powers to jump back and forth through time, reverses gravity in order to achieve her goal. The game enjoys a serene feeling with soothing music and surreal and dreamy backgrounds.

The other game is strangely called Armpit Hero: VIP and is published by Candy Soft. The reason of these massive discounts is that they are taking part in Google Play Store’s Year End Deals which takes place in late December. Large discounts were previously encountered but according to Android Authority no game has benefited from such cuttings.

The probability of these discounts of being an error is highly unlikely as they both initially cost $0.99 and have received a 90 percent discount as result of this sales event. If you are looking to spend virtually nothing on two exciting games we highly recommend downloading them.

These two are surely to keep you entertained for hours on end and considering it only costs a dime to get them this is your chance. We are not sure however how much time they have left to be sold at this price so make sure you get them as soon as possible.