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As the year draws closer to its end, Google Earth saw some bug fixes when it comes to updates. These updates have fixed crashes and installation problems. Images and layers were significantly changed as well and we are here to present you the most important ones.

Global Mosaics

Landsat imagery was updated somewhere in June by Google and they’ve also added global mosaics to historical imagery which were developed with Landsat and Sentinel 2. Users of this app now have the option of seeing the earth as far back as 1984 up to the present date.

Historical Imagery Left Out

As imagery updates have been blessed with updates sometimes even once a week, Google Earth users were able to make notice of these changes via historical imagery and Google Earth API. As these updates continued Google chose to leave historical imagery as it is and it eventually was left out of the picture.

Some Weather Layers Were Deleted

Weather layers are the black sheep in Google Earth as they malfunctioned and then got fixed in 2015 only to encounter the same treatment in 2016. Instead of addressing this issue, Google opted to completely remove some layers which include Conditions and Forecast and Ocean Observations. Funnily enough clouds and radar layers are still up and running.


The popular Panoramio will be shut down as announced by Google. Fans immediately got angry as it was extremely popular by having a lot of photos of places where Street View had no access. The shutdown is scheduled to happen in November 2017 and is irreversible.

These changes have had technology enthusiasts divided into parties, one being content other rather upset with these changes but we can only state that Google Earth is still a great app to use.