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Notwithstanding the fact that Samsung and Apple are constantly battling each other on the smartphone market but apparently the competition doesn’t end here. The tech rivalry continues over smartwatches as well. Both tech giants have state of the art smartwatches available on the market which makes users hope for the newer and updated models which are just around the corner.

Apple’s future smartwatch is commonly referred to as Apple Watch 3 as opposed to Samsung’s device which is named Samsung Gear 4. We are going to put the information which is made available head to head and see which device is going to be the best.

Apple Watch 3

The current generation of Apple Watch Series 2 is regarded as a significant update from its previous generation and the new Apple Watch 3 is surely going to follow this trend. It is rumored that the device will sport a camera on top of its bezel which will allow its users to take selfies and more importantly to make video calls straight from their watches.

It will most likely feature an OLED display which will be circular instead of the common square shape. Performance and storage space is likely to be improved which will give the device a great boost in terms of performance.

Samsung Gear S4

Although highly secretive about their future devices some leaks have emerged regarding what the next-generation Samsung smartwatch will look like. The South Korean tech giant’s next device is said to have an all new Exynos 7 Dual 7270 which comes equipped with a powerfull 4G LTE modem.

Users will be having a blast considering current generation Samsung smartwatches are extremely bulky and difficult to wear. The Gear S4 is expected to be a lot thinner with a greater processing power.

No matter which device you choose, they will be both top-end models with very high specs and great usability. It only comes down to a matter of preference in picking your favorite device.