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Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for over a billion dollars. You Can be sure that the company wouldn’t have made such an investment if it didn’t think it was worth it. WhatsApp has garnered worldwide popularity as a instant chat application which eventually flourished into something bigger.

After several updates over time, WhatsApp has grown into a true communication app that offers both text and audio services, and as of late you can also initiate and receive video calls on WhatsApp. When it comes to features, WhatsApp has the obvious ones that everyone knows about, and also the less known ones that we will go over today.

Typewriter font

You can make the text messages you send on WhatsApp have a typewriter font by writing your messages with three tilde symbols on each side of the message. That means that you need to insert the symbol three times before starting your message, then write the actual text and finally insert three more symbols. After that, just send the message normally and watch as your text gets an oldschool vibe.

Best friend detector

On iOS devices you can check exactly how many texts were sent to each individual person by navigating to the settings page and accessing the storage usage section which is under storage. This will let you know who your best WhatsApp friend is, and it’s pure fact so you will never be able to un-see it.

Chat shortcut

Once you find out who your WhatsApp best bud is, you can drag a shortcut of your conversation with that person right on your homescreen. All you have to do is select the conversation from the conversation list the use the Add Chat Shortcut option in the settings.


On WhatsApp you are able to make backups of all your messages and store them on your platform’s cloud service, or a location of your choice. Apple’s devices use iCloud while Google offers Google Drive.

From Settings, go to the Chats section and hit the backup option. This will allow you to choose where and how your messages are backed up so in case of something happening to your phone, or an old message from the past needs to be dug up, you have them on the ready.