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Photography can be a beautiful hobby or even an appealing career path. Regardless of what it means to each individual, most people passionate about photography or that want to take really good pictures will be searching for a DSLR camera. What puts DSLR cameras above the rest? Pure superior photo quality is a good place to start.

The sheer effectiveness of a DSLR camera and the features it brings to the table can really make the difference between a bad or mediocre photo and a really stunning capture. The secret lies in the ability to adapt to each particular situation and optimize shooting  parameters to the needed values.

This year was long and quite full as some might agree, with a couple very good DSLR camera being released as well. Let’s take a look and see what 2016 DSLR cameras take the cake in this end of the year ranking:

Nikon D810

There’s  no doubt that you can find DSLR cameras with much steeper price tags, but we’re looking at a consumer friendly device which manages to exceed its price range in terms of specifications. Young photographers as well as seasoned veterans will no doubt grow fond of this camera, which comes with a 36.3 MP lens. With the usual JPEG, TIFF and RAW file support at your disposal, you are ready to go capture some stunning imagery with this 7 frame burst mode capable device.

Although it might come off as a tad overwhelming due to the number of physical buttons and controls put at your disposal, the Nikon D810 is nothing less of great.

Canon EOS Rebel T6i

We are aware that some photographers aren’t looking for an amazing tool that can aid them in the most advanced situations, but rather something that can guide them as they learn the ropes of photography. Such a device could be the EOS Rebel T6i which comes with WiFi and all the standard features you can look for in a camera. If you’re a novice in the art form, this Cannon product might be for you.

Canon EOS 5Ds

On the other spectrum of the camera market we have this other Canon offering. Unlike its rather inexpensive, beginner friendly alternative, the EOS 5Ds is a pricy device situated in the $3500+ area.

For that investment you get an array of functionalities  such as CF and SD storage support and an efficient autofocus support ( 61 point). This camera is definitely something that you should tackle later on, once there’s nothing left to master with another camera.

Nikon D3300

Last but not least, we have the D3300 which comes as a compact solution to your photographic needs. It embodies the basic photo camera experience. If you walk into a store and ask for the most basic camera you can get, this is probably what you will get. With 24 MP under its belt and a decently sized  lens, the camera does what it was meant to do, and that is provide a good beginner experience.

While the fact that it comes with WiFi and a Guide Mode, the best feature has to be its price. Settling below $500 means those interested in picking up photography don’t have to spend a fortune on something might end up not being that serious about, but at the same time if the contrary happens they have a reliable device at their disposal.

With other DSLR camera available on the market, the final word belongs to the consumer, but these are some of the best cameras you can spend your Christmas bonus on.