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Having huge expectations from Rockstar’s new Red Dead Redemption 2 we can only hope it will be a killer one. No matter how good the game might be the guys from Rockstar tend to neglect the game’s single player offline mode like they did with the ever so popular GTA 5.

They’ve switched their entire focus on its online mode and mini transactions which can be done to customize one’s gameplay. Let’s just hope that Red Dead Redemption 2 will not follow this trend. If they choose to do so the game will still be a huge hit as it has acquired a huge fan base who will buy the game just to enjoy the new campaign and see what it’s like.

Rockstar will somehow follow Activision’s Call of Duty: IW which has been deemed a financial success. People already knew they would’ve bought it just to play the remastered edition of Modern Warfare. That did not matter for them at all and will not admit doing so.

The only reason of it being called a total success was the ability of purchasing M.W as well in disregard of playing the actual purchased game. They only care about joining the online mode and then spending some real money on customized items.

The guys from Rockstar are totally aware of this and are willing to do so even though fans will be somewhat disappointed. Notwithstanding the unethical business practices, they are sure to make a huge amount of money for their online mode.

Let’s just hope that they will not totally ruin Red Dead Redemption 2 experience. As it was teased the game will prove out to be a total blast and it sure will stay that way.