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Pokemon Go is set to welcome another nest migration and this is what players are to expect their local spawns changing. To make it clear, nesting is a phenomenon in Pokemon Go where a large number of the same species of Pokemon are gathered in a single place.

In order to keep the game entertaining and giving players more chances of catching different Pokemon, the developers from Niantic are changing nests once every few weeks. This means that a nest of Bulbasaur can spawn Pikachu when changed.

Niantic usually keep these nest migration dates on a schedule and the next one is programmed to take place today. This is the 10th migration that players have seen ever since Pokemon Go’s launch in July. When the game was still in its debut phase migrations took place once a month but got scheduled to take place two weeks apart since October.

The migration usually starts at 00:00 UTC and various websites even display a timer which shows how many hours and minutes are left before the nest migration takes place. Players are expected to have visited important nests in their areas to increase their chances of getting rare Pokemon as these nests will change.

After this migration Pokemon Go will see the likes of a holiday event which starts from December the 30th and continues until January 8th. This event has lures last twice as long and an increase spawn rate regarding generation one Pokemon. Another event takes place as this article is written and consists of players having the chance of hatching two Pokemon and even allows players to receive Incubator.

Make sure you have your new nests covered as to increase your chances to catch them all. There is no rule of which species of Pokemon will replace the other so fans should only hope to be lucky.