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Clash of Clans is an easy mobile game which can be understood in a single sitting following some simple tips and tricks. Becoming extremely good at it however is an entirely different thing to do as it challenges its players on how to utilize their resources properly. We are here to give you some advice on how to utilize ranged troops which will confer you a great advantage.

Unlike some people believe, range troops are actually a good play as long as they stand in the right place. It all comes down to a matter of strategy and a simple but efficient plan to put them to good use. Your goal is to withstand any attacks that come your way. A good way to do that is to use some tank troops.

Your best shot at completing a level is to make use of those tanks to soak all the damage from attackers and add some support along the way by using healers. Using healers allows you to use other troops more efficiently. Regarding ranged troops, they should be spread around the map and paired in small groups. Do bear in mind that they are vulnerable to mortars and attacks from wizard.

Locate those spots where they cannot be reached and have them deployed. Favorable spots are locations where the opponent’s defense is low and attacks can be fructified to your best interest. Not only will doing this improve your chances of winning but it also offers a greater strategic perspective over the game.

These tips will surely make you a better Clash of Clans player, making you clear levels and withstand attacks better. By doing so you’ll only improve your scores and worries about if you are going to lose a game will most likely vanish.