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Being one of anticipated games to be released in 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda kept its fans waiting for four years. BioWare announced that they will give fans a sneak peak of what it will offer at the Consumer Electronics Show during NVIDIA’s keynote address.

January the 4th should be marked in your calendars as never before seen gameplay footage of the new Mass Effect series will be presented. The announcement came via Twitter and it already has a lot of fans hyped up.

NVIDIA’s address will take place on January 4th at 6:30 a.m. Pacific time and they announced some interesting features such as unveilings in artificial intelligence, self driving cars and gaming. Mass Effect: Andromeda’s visuals already look amazing as previously shown at N7 and we cannot be more excited to see more.

Including traditional features of the franchise such as extremely jaw-dropping planets which can be explored and impending monsters, it is sure to leave a mark and grow the game’s popularity even more. Some stir was caused regarding facial animations but BioWare assured us that they are still working on polishing them before the final version of the game will be made available.

The game features Ryder, an interstellar explorer called Pathfinder who has the sole mission of exploring the galaxy in order to save humanity. The game takes place a long time in the future as opposed to other games from the original trilogy. It features Loyalty Missions and a lot of giant creatures waiting to be defeated.

Not only do improvements in technology make this game more appealing but also devices such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are more than ready to play it. We can only wait for the final version of the game to be released and it promises to blow us all away.

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