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As one advances through levels in Clash of Clans, heroes get to have a greater importance in their villages. Their absence makes an army weak and prone to defeat. We are going to give you a few tips and tricks in order to ensure that will not happen.

Upgrade Barbarian King and Archer Queen

The matter of when to upgrade the Barbarian King or Archer Queen or in which order should it be done still causes a great deal of confusion around players. We strongly advise you to keep heroes’ levels tied to each other as one hero should be stronger in order to take part in Clan Wars.

Five Levels Gap

By keeping the levels of the Barbarian King and Archer Queen on the same note means that both attack and defense stats will increase. If one of them has a significant level advantage over the other you’ll end up hurting the whole army. Don’t have them more than 5 levels apart.

Keep Things Balanced

Upgrading a certain hero to a level should come only with advantages. The Barbarian King upgrade from levels 9 to 10 is more advantageous than upgrading the Archer Queen from levels 7 to 8.

As soon as Barbarian King hits level 10 it will gain a power up for his Iron Fist whereas upgrading Archer Queen to level 8 will yield her pretty much nothing. Do bear in mind when upgrading a hero as you’ll have to measure every single detail regarding what they will earn and how you’ll benefit from the respective upgrade.

No matter how you decide to upgrade your troops make sure that you do it with the best strategy in mind in order to ensure your army will benefit from it as well.