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Aiming to be made available on every gaming platform possible, Minecraft has made its debut on Apple TV. Being available separately from the iOS version which costs $6.99 this game comes with DLC content available for $19.99.

Having the same price as its console counterparts it includes some extra perks such as three texture packs, three skin packs and a Holiday DLC pack which was made available last year. Having such a successful marketing strategy we can only hope that Minecraft will skyrocket in popularity on Apple TV as it already is on other platforms.

No matter how promising this package sounds it still has some downsides. It lacks a few perks that will disappoint some gaming enthusiasts. Apple TV does not support Minecraft Realms multiplayer hosting and Xbox Live has no support.

Mojang however announced that they are working around the clock to bring them live in upcoming updates.  You’ll just have to be patient to enjoy the multiplayer version that should arrive soon enough.

Despite lacking its Minecraft Realms server support, the game tailored for Apple TV also includes the Ender Update which makes its singleplayer mode a lot more enticing. This mode is called The End and it also includes a terrifying Ender Dragon.

If you want to enjoy this game for hours on end on an iOS grab an Apple TV if you don’t already own one and go ahead and download it from the Apple TV App Store. Being released on every platform possible Minecraft gives the impression that they want to establish world domination when it comes to on how many devices it can run.