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Angry Birds is a game developed by Rovio in which players have to blast their way through obstacles in order to take down the devious Green Pigs with the help of some trusty feathered friends. We are going to enlist some strategies and tips to help you defeat those pigs and save some birds along the way.

Make Good Use Of Tapping

If you happen to find yourself in the situation of having a large group of balloons ready to be popped try popping the bottom first not to screw everything up. If you happen to have a tough board, try tapping the top to get new ones in place and hopefully something good will happen.

Avoid Long Columns

Another important difference in Angry Birds is that you will have to take notice on how single colors are grouped together. The more colors the more tiles can be removed at once. Creating just a simple column will narrow down your chance at matching something. If you find yourself in doubt try making matches on either side.

Mix Up Your Power Ups

Power ups such as the Rocket, Bomb and Laser Gun are a great addition when used one at a time. Try combining them by having two of them touching on the board and they will automatically create a much stronger version to obliterate a bigger area.

Control Where The Power Up Appears

When you find yourself in the situation of collecting large groups of balloons, control power ups by simply tapping. Tap on the bottom balloon in a matching column and the respective power up will float up when the column is cleared. Make this your advantage by combining power-ups or reach a row that you desire.

Get To Know Your Power Ups

If you happen to lose track of how many balloons you’ll need in order to get a Laser Gun or Bomb just keep track of large groups of Birds as the power up will simply replace the Birds which are in a balloon. If you pop another set of balloons the power up will be gone, so try to choose wisely.

The Rocket Changes Its Way

A Rocket power up might be the strongest one according to some players but when you really need it, it just happens to change direction in an unfortunate way. If you want to change its track do so by making another move. That is, popping another set of balloons. They change direction in every move you make so make sure you keep track of them.

Your Choice Of Coins

Being the only types of currency in Angry Birds Blast, gold coins and silver coins can enhance your playing capabilities. Gold coins are the better version of the silver coins and as their name states it will be hard to bank some of them in. They are usually found in special gifts and rewards such as logging in on Facebook. Silver on the other hand can be earned fairly easily like completing levels, turning quests in and some prizes such as completing tasks. Silver is used to purchasing some boosters and gold is used for raking in some power-ups and more moves upon losing a level.

Maps Awards Free Coins

About once every 24 hours when you open up the game, try to find a yellow box on the map. Tap it and it will yield you some silver coins. This box locates itself near your current level but if you happen not to find it try scrolling up and down until you find it.