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There are two types of smartphone users out there. The ones that use WhatsApp and the ones that lies about it. There is no way you haven’t been exposed to this application if you are smartphone owner, even a casual one. The app is very popular across multiple handset user spectrums due to its sheer efficiency.

Recent app versions introduced some amazing features regarding video calling and even video streaming so that users can manipulate video content long before the files are even downloaded. How cool is that? Yet another WhatsApp build has been released now, and with the launch of WhatsApp 2.16.399, users can experience an even more refined chat service that offers a multitude of options.

For those that are looking to try WhatsApp for the first time, the app costs $1 per year, after the first year. What that means is that you get an entire year for free, and after that are required to pay a very reasonable fee of one dollar.

Some of the features that users can expect to find are video and voice calls which add to the traditional text chat capabilities, group chats that let you include all your friends in the conversation.

It’s great to see that WhatsApp hasn’t lost any of its proficiency once it was acquired by Facebook and continues to pump out quality updates to its user base which is now over 1 billion. If you lack an internet connection you can download and install the APK file which will get you running WhatsApp 2.16.399.

Just make sure you have third party apps enabled on your device before you start the process, because without that option turned on your handset won’t allow you to install any application file that came from anywhere other than Google’s own Play Store.