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Being the most used and trusted Android browser in the whole world this browser has a plethora of features that make it have next to no competition. The thing that offers the UC Browser its popularity is the ability to reduce data usage but at the same time making no modifications to speed. It comes with built-in Ad Blockers pre-installed, data saving and a night mode.

If you happen to find yourself visiting a malicious website by mistake fear not because it’s built in Ad Blocking feature will prove to be beyond useful. Another interesting feature is that of its ability to have downloading resumed when it’s shut down without having to manually restart it.

UC Browser has won countless awards due to its team working around the clock to constantly update it and make it flawless.

Talking about updates, it has recently seen a pretty major one which lets its users enjoy three new features that makes internet browsing a charm rather than a liability. Such modifications were made to the browsing windows where you can open 20 at a time.

Its interface happened to receive a visual upgrade which improved the ease of which one can search for information on the web and it also made it more appealing to the eye.

Notwithstanding the importance of these two updates, there is a third one which lets UC Browser users browse the Internet safely by using a new and improved Incognito Mode. This mode allows users browse whatever website freely without the browser saving it in its history.

No matter what Android web browser you choose to use, it only comes down to a matter of preference as they all do their job pretty much the same but we do recommend using UC Browser because its wide array of features and constant support.

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