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As the year draws to an end, tech experts along with potential buyers are looking forward to what 2017 will have to offer. We are currently looking forward to the Samsung versus LG battle as it proves to be a very interesting one.

These two are to issue flagships that will make or break their respective companies as Samsung borderline failed with its Note 7 series and LG needs to make up for their poor sales on the G5 in this current year. Both are to come out with a bang, blowing people’s minds with futuristic devices which will probably score big among customers.


Samsung S8 is believed to have a finger scanner which is built inside the actual display, thus the device will not sport a physical home button and LG is to break the ice with an all-new iris scanner. It may come as a surprise as the Note 7 had the same technology but LG is said to bring their own DNA to the table


Rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy S8 devices will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 835 chip which will sport two RAM variants, that of 6GB and 8GB. On the other side of things, LG G6 will probably be powered by an older Snapdragon 830 which doesn’t pack such a serious punch in terms of RAM as well sporting only 4GB of it.


Display wise, both phones are to feature OLED screens. The only thing that sets them apart is the rumor in which Samsung will feature an edge-to-edge full OLED display whilst having a body made entirely out of glass. LG will keep things traditional with an all-metal body with a full glass display.

These features are said to be included in the respective devices and if it is proven that they are true, there will be some interesting battles that waits to be discovered in 2017.