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After all the features that previous Samsung Galaxy models brought us, it’s understandable how one might question the company’s ability to bring even more features out. The Korean tech giant promises even more cool stuff for its next flagship device, the Galaxy S8. While S7 was a commercial success, S8 aims to be even more than that.

One thing that S7 didn’t have was a digital voice assistant. The demand for digital voice assistants is on a constant rise, with all kinds of gadgets such as the Google and Amazon smart speakers making waves on the market.

This further justifies the implementation of Bixby, which will serve as Samsung’s direct response to Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant featured on the Pixel handset series.

Speaking of Siri, Bixby is based on AI intellectual property and tech that Samsung acquired in 2016. Originally called Viv, the tech behind Bixby was actually designed by the same people which created Siri, making the upcoming battle between digital assistants that more interesting.

Allegedly, the new Samsung digital voice assistant will be compatible with every native application that will come with the new Galaxy S8 flagship. By native app, we mean every app that comes with the phone, such as the photos app or the file browser. Bixby will be able to help users navigate through these apps as well as complete tasks on their behalf, promising to be highly productive for fast paced smartphone operations.

It will be exciting to see another take on the digital voice assistant technology, and how Samsung can improve what others such as Apple or Google already attempted.

With no guarantee that Bixby will be a perfect creation, we can at least hope that Samsung’s latest weapon against competitors will give Siri and Cortana a run for their money.