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Being the 5th of its series, the new Android Nougat beta update is being made available for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models for those lucky enough to be enrolled in the Galaxy Beta program and is also based in the UK or South Korea.

This update doesn’t add any extra features but it came as a pleasant surprise for Samsung Galaxy fans as it fixed an annoying issue. Intermittent reboots will happen no more and it also added some minor tweaks to improve stability.

Measuring exactly 301MB it is made available for download via your device’s settings menu. Another addition of this update is the increase of transparency regarding lock screen notifications. While this update is only available for beta users, Samsung is working around the clock to refine its Nougat build before it hits live in order to make sure it comes as flawless as it can be.

Further remarks from Samsung will surely be heard sometime next month when the update might hit its devices but they will have to hurry. Their competitors are already rolling out big software updates and if we are going to stay in the same Android boat, manufacturers such as Google already have the latest version of the software available on their devices.

We are not sure when Samsung is going to finally update its software but it should be happening pretty soon. Trying to avoid another Note 7 fiasco, they are surely to make the best decisions in regard to their customers. The next year will surely bring some extraordinary devices for fans to enjoy.

No matter which one you prefer, Samsung is surely to keep its place up high in the smartphone market.