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With more than 1 billion downloads, WhatsApp has indeed become the most popular messaging app in the world, albeit, most of the users are from Europe, Southeast Asia, India and Africa. Nevertheless, social network giant, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for billions of dollars. This is simply an indication of how promising this app is.

While there are also other messaging apps like Viber, Line and Facebook messenger, the developers of WhatsApp do not stop to come up with new features and updates to maintain its status. And to enhance user experience, they have also released WhatsApp Web so users can access the app even from the PC.

How Do I Install WhatsApp?

If you still haven’t installed the app on your Android phone, doing so is easy. Simply go to Play Store and type “WhatsApp messenger” from the search bar. Choose the appropriate icon to download since there will be several options which are almost identical in appearance and spelling. Select the one developed by WhatsApp and has an icon with a telephone handset and in green and white color. After tapping the icon, you will be prompted to install. After installation, the icon will appear on your home screen. Simply follow the instructions on setting up your WhatsApp account.

Backup and Restore Data

It is possible to save a copy of your WhatsApp Data via Google Drive or using a local backup. The latter will run automatically on a daily basis at 2am and you can then save the database on yor phone or in a file. This means that even if you lost your mobile phone or replaced it, you can transfer your media and chats using Google Drive. To backup your WhatsApp database to Google Drive, open WhatsApp and proceed to the Menu Button. Go to Settings, Chats and Chat backup.

Choose Back up to Google Drive and choose your preferred frequency of backing up. Select the appropriate Google account you will use for the process. You can also choose the network you want to use for backing up.

For restoring your chats, you will be asked by WhatsApp when you are verifying your number. You just need to tap on “Restore” to start backup.


If you are not able to backup your data, there may be several reasons. One is that you are not logged in to your Google account. Also, it might be that you are not using the same mobile phone number when you created backup. If these are not the problems, there is a possibility that your chat history or SD card is corrupted.

Local backup files, on the other hand, can stay on your phone for seven days while Google Drive can only backup the recent one. You can restore the backup file by downloading a file manager if you still do not have one.

Once you already have this app, go to where the file you need to open is. An example is “sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases”. You can now rename the backup file you intend to restore via msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgtore.db.crypt12. You can now uninstall WhatsApp and then install it again. After doing so, tap “Restore” if you are prompted to do so.

For more information about restoring WhatsApp chat conversations, you can refer to the guidelines.

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