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Those who have patiently waited over the past few months and own a Nexus 6 device are in for a treat as Google announced they will be upgrading Nexus 6 devices somewhere around early January. A new report issued by Google notified Nexus 6 owners that the update didn’t come earlier due to a specific device bug.

No further details were announced about what the bug did to the device but since it was fixed it shouldn’t be regarded as a problem. Another factor should be taken into consideration regarding the update as Google employees also deserve a holiday vacation and this might be a reason for delay as well.

Google’s Nexus 6 device saw its release in November 2014 and due to the fact of it being so outdated it will probably mean that Android 7.1.1 Nougat will be the last piece of software to be installed on this device aside from some security patches that have a monthly upgrade interval.

Despite being launched in 2014 it will still be one of the few devices available on the market that will carry the Android Nougat badge, not to mention that it will be upgraded to the latest version of Nougat software.

Google hasn’t released a statement regarding the exact date of when the update will be made available but we will keep you posted as more information will be made available.

No matter of which device you choose to use for 2017 it will surely prove to be an interesting year for smartphone manufacturers as the competition grows even fierce as the years go by. Google is sure to keep their place up high in the market as they are the best when it comes to software updates in regard to their competition.

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