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NES, or the Nintendo Entertainment System is a gaming console that not only warmed our living rooms and provided solid entertainment for hours on end, but was also released over three decades ago. Despite that little fact, to this day it is treasured as an iconic device in the history of gaming not only as a form of entertainment but also as a pop culture.

Earlier this year, the good folks over at Nintendo surprised their fans with what they called the NES Classic Edition. What that is, for those that aren’t up to date, is a re-release of the NES console designed so that people can just plug it in and enjoy it with no further requirements present.

Not only the perfect Christmas present for the oldschool gamer dreaming about the past but also a great opportunity for gaming’s youth to soak some video game history, Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition was met with high praise and ravishing popularity.

It looks however that the release of this console was more than a throwback jam, as it could have served as the launching ramp for more re-iterations of the popular platform. The past seems to be repeating itself as the SNES console is favorite to make a re-appearance in 2017.

Following the same functionality principals as the 2016 NES, where games are already loaded into the device and people just need to plug it in, a 2017 SNES could see major thumbs up from brand loyalists and Nintendo newcomers alike.

The source of all these speculations is the fact that earlier, Nintendo filled in trademark paperwork related to the SNES controller. What better reason to bring out the SNES controller if not for a new SNES version. Fans all over the globe eagerly await more news as well as a possible confirmation for the 2017 SNES console.