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WhatsApp is a multi-platform app that provides fast, secure and free messaging and calling in different parts of the world. Apart from being accessible on your smartphone, this messaging app is also now available on your PC. Users can now enjoy WhatsApp Web.

This is a computer-based extension of your existing WhatsApp account you have created on your phone. That is, you will be able to read messages and reply as well from your computer. This is because all the messages you receive from your smartphone and computer are synched so even if you do not have your mobile device, you can still access your WhatsApp account.

Moreover, whatever activities you have on your WhatsApp account from one platform are also applied on the other device.

Not Another WhatsApp Account

There is no need to create a new WhatsApp account if you already have an existing account on your Android or iPhone. This is because accessing your account from your phone will be reflected on your other device. However, to use WhatsApp Web, you need to scan the QR Code on your computer screen from your phone.

There are also minimum requirements you need to comply with. First, you need an existing WhatsApp account on your phone. Second, it is important to have stable internet connectivity so you can access both your smartphone and computer. Third, the web browser in your computer should be the latest version. This can either be Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or the most recent Microsoft web browser, Edge.

If you are a Chrome web browser user, you can get notifications for new messages with the app. These notifications can be found on the right side of your desktop. For issues concerning not receiving message notifications, there are several reasons behind this. Check if the WhatsApp Web notification in Chrome is on and that it is not muted. If you have blocked notifications, you just have to unblock it.

With WhatsApp Web and the new messaging app features, you can stay connected and exchange messages with more friends and family worldwide.