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Mass Effect Andromeda’s creative Director, Mac Walters, leaked some details about the new game via Twitter. Some information about the process in which characters were created and how the environment will present itself to players were revealed.

Walters revealed some more than interesting information about the new RPG futuristic game stating that the galaxy will not be available for getting roamed in its whole. Other details were given about Sarah Ryder’s face and other characters’ as well. Mac Walters stated that they will be based on facial scans.

Fans of the Mass Effect franchise will be a bit disappointed but its creative Director argued his decision of not letting the Tempest probe the world due to the absence of galactic portals. Only a small bit of the galaxy commonly named the “cluster” of Andromeda will be made available for players to explore.

Some believe that the guys from BioWare have made this decision due to technological limitations but also to stay focused on the storyline. It can be regarded as paving the road to a future sequel where you would actually have the possibility of roaming freely without any hampers

BioWare has announced that Mass Effect Andromeda will come to light somewhere around spring 2017 on multiple devices such as Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. They’ve even showed interest in developing versions of the game for PS4 Pro, Xbox Scorpio and Switch.

The game itself is extremely promising and is to receive a great deal of acclaims from fans around the world and we can only hope that it will meet our expectations. Not being able to wander around the game itself will not prove to be an impediment as long as the game will keep its fans excited.