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One of Apple’s biggest problems is that the internet is filled with software developers such as the Chinese hacker group called Pangu and Luca Todesco which are always releasing jailbreak tools as soon as Apple launched a new iOS version, but iOS 10 changed that.

The operating system’s security has been improved to the level that it’s considered to be almost impenetrable but now, months after its release a reliable jailbreak tool for iOS 10.1.1 has been launched.

The popular hacker known as Luca Todesco worked together with another iOS hacker called Ian Beer and found a breach in Apple’s security. The duo finally developed a working Cydia compliant Yula jailbreak software which can be used on iPad Pro, iPhone 6S/Plus, iPhone 7/ Plus. Luca Todesco stated that he is working on creating another edition of the tool that’s compatible with all Apple devices and he will release it during the following weeks.

Apple users can download the download the Yalu jailbreak tool from Yalu’s official website and then side load the file through iTunes via a PC or Mac that’s connected to the designated device.

Before heading into the installation process, readers should know that even though the jailbreak tool is completely functional it’s still in the beta phase and the wisest choice right now would be to wait a little longer until a stable build surfaces and this might not even last that long.

Apple users should know that if they choose to jailbreak their iOS device they risk bricking and ending the device’s warranty, also the jailbreaking process implies deleting all data so performing a full backup is advised.