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Hike Messenger is a great alternative to the usual apps people use to get their messages across. With Hike, you can count on a good selection of features that will facilitate the way you keep in touch with those you care about and also conduct business with your associates.

Hike was created with the mobile platform in mind, being available on Google’s Android since 2012. Of course, it has grown alongside Android in the years to past and now stands before its users as a complete app that can offer you an array of options.

The best part about Hike and probably its strongest point, is its versatility. Whether you’re looking to organize a business meeting and talk about that important project with your team or just have fun and be silly with your best friends, Hike Messenger can accommodate you. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Hike Messenger is offering.

The latest version of the app features group and conference style chat and calls, as well as a broadcast list that can help you sort out recipients for your messages. Hike News keeps you up to date on the latest things going on and the app’s intricate sharing capabilities make it very easy for users to invite their friends to join in on whatever it is that you’re watching or reading.

Doodles and chat themes let you personalize your experience and add a dash of color to your Hike interface.

If for some reason you can’t get the update over the internet, you can always activate “third party apps” from your handset’s settings and manually install Hike Messenger 4.8.2 through the APK file which you will need to download into your phone’s internal storage. Once you start the installation process, you are just a few seconds away from being able to use Hike Messenger.

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