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WhatsApp remains to be the most popular messaging app in the world today and still continues to rank number one among its competitors. With more than 1 billion users in more than 180 countries, there is no doubt this app offers interesting features which attract messaging app fans.

Since its initial release in 2009, WhatsApp messenger had been updated several times with the last version released on December 13, 2016. Version 2.16.396 has a download size of 17.99MB. Along with the update came new features.

Now, it is possible to watch the videos sent to you via WhatsApp right away with no need to download them first. Also, videos can also be downloaded on your smartphone even if a video is being played. Moreover, the much-awaited video calling feature can now be enjoyed. This feature is just like Face Time and the video call features of other messaging apps like Viber. With this one, seeing the other person on your screen makes the experience memorable and more personal.

Meanwhile, according to reports, new features will be added to WhatsApp messenger. One feature will be the capability to delete sent messages or edit them immediately but only before these messages have been read by the recipient. This is good news for people who always send messages to wrong recipients. This can happen if you are multi-tasking or chatting with two people at the same time.

This feature is said to be available on WhatsApp latest iPhone beta version but still on the trial stage.  By default, editing messages is not activated in WhatsApp and beta users need to search for it and have it activated. To do this, the user should hold and press on a message and choose from two options, “Revoke” and “Edit”. The former allows the user to cancel or delete the message while the latter allows for editing the texts on the recently sent message.

WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging app and a few months ago, WhatsApp Desktop for PC download was made available.