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Elder Scrolls VI is highly anticipated and fans cannot stop making assumptions over when it’s going to be revealed. Such fan made a prediction of the game releasing in 2017 and Bethesda’s Pete Hine couldn’t miss the chance of mocking him. Rumor has it that Bethesda is trying to shadow the development of their game.

Notwithstanding Pete Hines making fun of Elder Scroll VI predictions, Pete Hine’s tweet did not negate the game is not planned or it will never happen thus giving fans a glimmer of hope.

It may not come out right now but there’s still the chance of it to happen. Rumor has it that the development will begin pretty soon despite the fact that the company hasn’t issued an official statement.

A highly regarded analyst named Michael Pacher made a bold claim that The Elder Scrolls VI will happen somewhere in 2017. This prediction however got smashed by Hines who stated that these will probably be dog years when talking about the year 2017.

Even though they confirmed it will take a while for the development of the program to even start, fans are presented with a small ray of light in the sense that Bethesda is still looking forward to making it.

They are now focusing on the creation of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition which is thought to be just a sneak peak from the company as it paves the way for developing another game.

No further details were announced as fans can only wait for an official statement from Bethesda about the future of Elder Scrolls franchise. It should take some time before the game is even announced but a timeline should be announced somewhere around next year if there are some development plans.

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