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Browsing the internet is becoming more and more challenging, and in some cases even dangerous. While it wasn’t always like this, internet browsing puts users on the spot and sometimes even places a bullseye on their foreheads, so to speak. Through internet browsers, malicious entities can get a hold of your personal data and use it against your will. There are ways to prevent that, however, and your best bet is to use a VPN service. Through a VPN client, you can hide your identity online and make it look as if you’re browsing from a completely different location.

Of course, it’s a lot more intricate than that but we thought we’d spare you the technical details and get straight to the interesting part which is presenting you the top VPN options you can opt for in 2017.

Private Internet Access

It must be noted right off the bat that Private Internet Access isn’t going to appeal to your sense of aesthetic if you’re the kind of person that is all about a flashy user interface. Granted it can use a little finesse in the way it looks, Private Internet Access focuses all its resources on performance and efficiency. The result is a reliable VPN service that does its job and gets you where you want to go even if it doesn’t have the shiniest wheels.

What’s there not to love about a VPN that includes its own ad-block? And on top of that, you also get phishing filters and protection against other malware threats as well. There’s also the price to talk about, which is very reasonable. Sure, if you’re in a really good financial spot this might be obsolete for you, but for a lot of people the fact that you can get top service for only $7 a month is quite a big deal.

VyprVPN and Express VPN

VyprVPN is a long running VPB service that specializes in mobile VPN. To be more specific, this is the perfect solution if you’re looking to cloak your mobile browsing on an iOS device. Apple devices in general will benefit tremendously from using VyprVPN. It offers a great service list and has exposure in over 50 countries but it has a strong anti-torrent policy. This means that your account will be banned if you try to download torrents which might not go well with some torrent-loving users.

While VyprVPN does great on iOS devices, Express VPN takes care of the Android spectrum of mobile VPN. The service will cost you around $13 per month but will offer great services for whomever is looking for quality VPN. Its main accolades are speed and stability, as it is based on OpenVPN encryption that lets you seamlessly connect to your closest VPN source. There is also a widget that you can have on your home screen which accomplishes that task.


With 500 servers and over 140 server locations, PurePVN does a fantastic job of providing quick and qualitative results when working with P2P network. In other words, PurePVN is great for torrents. Unlike VyprVPN, PureVPN enhances torrent transfer  and is the perfect solution for someone looking to use both VPN and Torrent services.

In conclusion, it’s important to choose a VPN service that can cater to your personal needs, as each available VPN solution focuses on different aspects of virtual private networking. Whether you’re looking for a simple VPN service that will get you through your browsing at home on your desktop or laptop or if you want something snappy that works on the go and is designed with your preferred mobile OS in mind, these VPN solutions will definitely get the job done.

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