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Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 5 device is enrolled in the exclusive Android Nougat club and the Chinese tech giant just announced other devices which will receive the update. This announcement affects the Mi Mix as well and it is reported that it will come pretty soon. Alongside getting Android Nougat it will also receive a customized MIUI 8.

Aligned to be updated shortly after the Mi 5, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix will get the same treatment immediately after the alpha testing phase is finished. It will be made available for BETA testing before the final version comes out but it does include some interesting features and tweaks to the system which will make the Mi Mix device a good choice for users to enjoy.

These features include the likes of 1500 Emoji being made available with 72 new ones and Multi-Locale Language Set. Another interesting addition is the Multi-Window view which allows a better transition when someone is using multiple apps. Sharper and leaner graphics will also be made available via its VultkanTM API.

This change also upgrades personalized settings and notifications which are easier to use and customize. Staying in the same customization boat, Quick Settings and Notification Direct Reply are highly tweaked which allows users to interact with its reply system without even having apps open.

Another interesting feature which this update brings to the table is a VR-mode that makes the Mi Mix ready to support Daydream. This highly anticipated Android Nougat update which is expected to hit pretty soon has fans on their toes as it offers the Mi Mix a more premium feel.

This device is the very definition of the best bang for the buck as it is two times cheaper than its direct competitors.