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Pokemon GO is a free to play game but just like any other mobile app that features in-app purchases, it ends up being something that people spend a lot of money on. This holiday season brought more opportunities for Niantic, the game’s developer as they now offer three gift boxes for players that are willing to shell out some real money in exchange for some Pokemon goodies. Let’s get a bit more specific and see what each box will net you.

The Special Box will feature 250 coins, 10 Great Balls and 2 Egg Incubators. Those looking for a little more than that can opt for the Great Box, which features 550 coins, 20 Great Balls, 2 Incense and also 4 Egg Incubators.

The third and most fulfilling option is the Ultra Box. Not only does this box come with 6 Egg Incubators and 25 Incense, but it also gives you 1500 coins and 20 Ultra Balls.

This isn’t everything you have to look forward to in Pokemon GO in this period of celebration. Apparently, these gift boxes are just the first wave of such goodies, with the second coming sooner than you think.

Until 30th you can benefit from this offer but starting with the 30th you can also check out the second wave which will include even more useful items that you can enhance your experience with.

The second wave of gift boxes will allegedly last until the 3rd of January, meaning that players will have a good couple of days at their disposal to check them out.