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Both Netflix and Hulu are video streaming services that have gained a lot of popularity. The age of cable TV is at a close as new age technology renders traditional means for video entertainment borderline obsolete.

Of course, like any business looking to maintain itself on top, the two services are looking to constantly improve and offer even more to their users. As both video streaming and virtual reality are hot topics right now, it was only a matter of time before the two met and the result is quite pleasing.

Netflix VR is available as of Monday and is compatible with the Daydream VR which is manufactured by Google. While other compatibilities might be present in the future, Google’s headset is currently the only one that can be paired with Netflix to watch all the video content currently on the streaming platform.

Hulu VR is also available now as what seems to be a direct alternative to the Netflix service. Hulu VR has been around since March and differs in terms of compatibility. With Netflix VR now available, Hulu is looking at top tier competition that might slow down business.

If you’re wondering how virtual reality can be incorporated in watching TV shows on such streaming services, it’s pretty cool. When you put the VR headset on you find yourself in a different environment such as a cabin in the woods or a beach.

Conveniently there’s a TV set nearby which will play your selected show. That kind of immersion goes well for some while others prefer to just have a giant floating screen as part of their VR experience.

Nevertheless, it’s great to see yet another application of VR into our daily routines, as the technology is showing more and more potential with each service it is integrated in.