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Packing less punch than its PC counterpart, Minecraft Pocket edition is somewhat behind when it comes to additional features. Mojan is trying to do something about this as they’ve updated their game to 1.0 which brought some new and interesting features, including the likes of highest maximum block’s height.

Previous versions only made possible for 128 blocks to be piled atop thus limiting the player’s array of options of creating something. The new pocket edition version 1.0 nearly doubles these possibilities as it offers two times the original building height.

Being released on December 19th 2016, this game saw the likes of Polar bears, igloos and even the ender. Notwithstanding these features which are pretty big if I must say, Mojang have done pretty good for themselves as they’ve added blocks, items, gameplay, commands and mobs to the game, thus making it more enjoyable.

The popular website Android Police stated that the update came as something primal for our human nature as it re-teaches us the ways of creating stuff from scratch, just like our ancestors did millennia before us.

Letting you express anything you desire through creation but at the same time being limited to voxel-like blocks, Minecraft Pocket Edition is sure to provide some enjoyment among fans.

Music was also not neglected from this update and it is only made available through optional download. The game has some tweaks and adjustments that make it support the likes of Occulus Touch and it even increases the gamers’ expectations of it. Who knows, it might even become the same thing as its bigger PC brother.