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Rockstar Games is known for a lot of games series, but the company’s most successful franchise is undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto. In fact, the fifth installment in the franchise is considered to be the best one yet and what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it is the first GTA game to allow players to control more than one main protagonist.

The game’s storyline is definitely something to not be overlooked but what really made the game so successful was the fact that Rockstar Games introduced the first ever GTA Online mode which gave players something to toy with even after finishing the game, and with that being said it’s completely understandable why the game is still widely popular even three years after its original launch.

Fans of the franchise are highly anticipating a sixth installment in the GTA franchise and the standard bar has been set quite high. While Rockstar Games has yet to confirm any news regarding the upcoming game, the internet is filled with rumors and speculations.

Lately, the trend with most major RPG games is to introduce a female protagonist, something which Rockstar Games really needs in their game because the game producer received a considerate amount of flak for the way women characters are portrayed in GTA. Rumor has it that Eva Mendes will be the one to voice the next GTA 6 character and her husband Ryan Gosling will voice the male counterpart.

Regarding new directions, the game’s action will be set in a foreign country this time and not in the USA. Traditionally Rockstar Games creates maps based around real places in the USA, think Los Santos and Los Angeles but this time the company will the another direction map wise and create a map based around Tokyo or London.

Either one of the cities are great for GTA 6 because they fit right into the crime theme with Tokyo’s Yakuza clan and London’s crime mob.