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You can find great apps on the Google Play Store for advantageous prices all year long. However, when the year comes to an end, developer offer massive discounts. Google is in on this initiative and together with developers they make sure you are able to snatch some really nice apps for prices such as 1 cent. They are practically giving them away.

By now you’re probably wondering what a pretty penny can buy you. Being as literal as possible, you can acquire apps such as Lost Journey for the stunning price of 1 penny. That’s not something you get to see every day but such is the end of the year magic.

Another app you might have heard off, that goes by the name of Armpit Hero VIP, is also available for the ridiculous amount of 1 penny. This has no precedent as Google as instated a minimum app cost of 10 cents so that it may cover the costs that come with producing or marketing an app.

If you’re a developer, that limit is even steeper, with developers only being able to dive under a dollar by 1 cent. (Yeah, that means 0.99 cents).

While you might think that a regular discounts was enough and this extreme discount comes off as kind of a gimmick, there’s something you’re not aware of. Google Play Store policies state that apps which are registered as Free at any time can’t start charging or revert to asking for a price.  That means that 1 cent is as low as an app can go before it loses its right to ask for money.

It will be interesting to see how many apps will adopt this technique and if we will end up having a store full of 1 cent apps before January hits.