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We have great news for Android users Google has just made available the greatest movie deal ever, rent any movie for only $0.99 or 99p. This deal has been made available through Google Play Store and Android users can rent whichever movie they want for less than one dollar, yes you heard it right whichever movie you want for $0.99 or 99p including even summer blockbusters such as Suicide Squad, Star Trek: Beyond or Jason Bourne.

The Google Play Store library is filled with great titles and all of them are available for just $0.99, the catch is that users can only download or stream just one movie. This means that you need to pay attention and think over which movie you’d like to rent because you will not get a second chance.

Worth mentioning is that this promotion is available until January 23 and this means you should not hurry to pick a movie because you have just enough time to read a few reviews and choose the best movie.

In case you can’t get decide on one movie you can opt instead to use Amazon’s cut price deal and watch two movies during Christmas Holidays. UK residents should know that they can only choose from twelve movies titles like Batman: The Killing Joke, London Has Fallen or Eye in the Sky.

Now, on the other hand US residents should be happy to find out that they can choose from among 49,000 titles which include huge movies such as Jason Bourne, The Magnificent Seven or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

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