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If you haven’t noticed it yet, Clash Royale is getting better each time it is upgraded. In fact, it is being introduced each week for the month of December. This will surely excite more players about the game.

The latest update released by Supercell is intended so that the game will become more exciting than before. For this reason, players will have great rewards to keep them focused in the game. This update is referred to as the clan chest. Thus, players need to know what to do in order to get these rewards.

The Clan Chest

Clash Royale is giving off as many as 525 cards with 3,000 gold coins. However, it is required that players need to work together in a clan. This is because the tier 1 chest will require 100 crowns before finally unlocking it.

If a clan has already earned it, a total of 30 cards and 180 gold coins will be given to them together with 3 rare cards. After they reach tier 10, they will be able to earn the overall reward.

However, players need to wait for 8 days to open the chest after filling up the chest meter. Good thing for clan members is that they can earn the reward even as they only contributed 1 crown to the chest meter.

Other Updates

The Electro Wizard will also be the focus of this latest update in Clash Royale. Here, players need to have the card on their deck before participating in the challenge. Players are given the opportunity to win 1,100 cards and 22,000 gold coins.

Likewise, new cards will be given away every couple of weeks. But, not of these will be legendary. The good news though is that more cards will be given off than before in the Epic chest. Previously, Clash Royale only released 10 epic cards, but now 20 cards will be at stake.