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If you are going to play Clash Royale, you should have a good deck and a set of sophisticated tactics. Although there are no perfect deck or perfect tactic, players of Clash Royale need to follow some tips in order to gain success. Here are some of the guidelines that players need to use.

  • Balance Is Key

If you are a beginner, try to consider the troops you would want to use. If you are fond of using expensive units, you should be in big trouble. However, it is not advisable to use cheap troops either. All you need to do is to balance your troops, depending on the attacking capability.

  • Use Units with Speed

One good example of a unit that has speed and great for defense is the defense tower. It serves to protect against air units, units that specialize in defense, and tower-destroying units.

  • Base Your Cards Relevant to Your Fighting Style

Those that play aggressively should take units that can move easily and quickly. Nevertheless, defensive players need to use units that can take a lot of damage. Overall, it is great to use a combo of both.

  • Determine Elixir Averages

In order to know how much time it will take you to get your cards down, it is best to know the averages of your elixir. You can perform better if you have lower time for that.

On the other hand, you will have no chance in Clash Royale if you are not able to react quickly against the opponent. Sending a few units into the field is not a winning move.

Thus, players must be able to consider how they want it in creating a match. You can have some idea with the following hints.

  • You should only play your cards if your elixir meter is full. If not, you should wait until it is full before you play.
  • Basically, you must be able to protect your ranged troops with strong units. For instance, you can send units behind a bomber and before a giant.
  • Ensure the victory by destroying the enemy tower before you respond to the enemy attacks. If you are on defense, try to focus on the destruction of the tower.
  • If it is obvious that you are going to lose your tower, try to dispatch some troops towards an enemy turret. It is not advisable to fight for a tower with only little energy.
  • Take note that your tower can defend you against many opponents. It can withstand the attack and will only take little damage. So, if you are only seeing goblins attacking form a hut, you need not employ a fighter for defense.

Improving your cards by using gold when you reach a certain level is key in Clash Royale. So, you must be able to prioritize to improve it. Likewise, you should improve units that are not with the deck. Thus, you will be able to use stronger units in many strategic advantages in the future.