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Supercell has been paying close attention to what their players are asking for and the company has always tried to keep its players happy and in order to achieve that, the game developer keeps on rolling out surprise updates.

The latest gift Supercell gave to its players is dubbed as “Santa Surprise” and it’s basically a volatile spell that can be used to fight against huge enemies.

Santa Surprise contains a bunch of new spell cards which are available until January 5th, 2017. Players have reported that they received three powerful Clash of Clans spells in the Santa Surprise like the 900 point damage lighting spell which is so powerful that it can take out an enemy tower in just one hit.

The other two gift cards are the Ice Wizards units spell which can be used to conjure new troops which will attack the enemy’s base and the Freeze spell trap which players can use it as hidden exploding defensive tactics.

Even though the Clash of Clans developer has gifted players with three new Clashmas spells, the company is not done yet. Supercell is about to buff Clash of Clans once again by providing troop training discounts, stats balancing, in-game events and troop recharge. In regards to the gifted spells, players will find out that these cards can be easily drawn like the rest of normal spells.

Worth mentioning is that these Clashmas spells will deal higher amounts of damage than the normal spells do but only if the player has a high-level tow hall.

Nonetheless, it’s great seeing that Supercell is doing its best to keep Clash of Clans entertaining and because the company also included trap spells which give players a tactical advantage over their enemies.