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As you might know, Adobe is dealing with serious pressure coming from all sides regarding its Flash Player. Everyone currently using Flash is not very happy about that fact, and by mid 2017, it is expected that a huge number of people will completely switch from Adobe’s Flash Player to HTML 5.

Google already took a very important step by removing Flash Player as the default option in Chrome browser. It was replaced with the aforementioned HTML5 which is now considered superior not only in performance but also, and more notably, in security.

Security has been Adobe’s downfall in 2016 due to the sheer ridiculous number of cybernetic attacks that did their thing by exploiting security vulnerabilities found in Flash Player.

While some think Flash Player is no longer relevant to today’s news, others, including Adobe, still expect Flash to make a comeback and is seeing to this by releasing important security updates which improve Flash’s capability of keeping threats at bay.

A recent update which brought Flash to build number 11.5.502.110 touched on various vulnerabilities and was released alongside strong pleads from Adobe, asking users to download and install the update. Adobe’s policy didn’t work in their favor as the update download and install page on their website will also shove additional software down your throat, such as McAfee products.

Asking people to download your update while sneaking in junk no one really wants is not an efficient way to convince your following not to completely abandon your service.

A lot of people were reticent about installing the new update for that exact reason, meaning that Flash is still in a state of decay which will eventually result in a termination of service. Adobe’s Flash Player was the prime solution for over a decade, but it looks like its rein is pretty much over.