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There is indeed something that makes Windows 10 superior compared with its predecessors. However, even an advanced software from Microsoft cannot escape imperfections. Despite the improvements, such as Start Menu, Cortana, and Edge Web browser, there are a few problems that may not be so favorable for Windows 10 users.

Here are a few things that you might come across when using Windows 10.

  • Issues When Activating Windows

Some people find it hard to activate Windows 10 after installation. This may come as no surprise to some, but you can’t do anything on your end to fix it. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that this issue will usually resolve after a few minutes of waiting.

  • Problems with Chrome

Many people reportedly have problems when it comes to using Google Chrome on top of Windows 10. Thus, they run into some slowing downs and bogging, particularly when opening a number of tasks all at once. If you run into such bugs, you can disable or uninstall all your extensions. Otherwise, you may try to reinstall Chrome.

  • Favorites Have Disappeared in the Edge Browser

Needless to say, Edge is much better in comparison to Internet Explorer. In fact, Edge is so much cleaner and quicker to use, as it is not as complicated as IE. However, there is one thing that might be missing in this feature. You might be confused which feature is not in Edge that is present in most Web browsers, but it lacks the Favorites feature.

Good thing you can solve this by clicking the vertically aligned ellipsis to open the menu and click Settings. You need to scroll down and then click on Import favorites from another browser option, which you can choose the favorites that you had from your old browser and click Import to solve this problem.

  • Problem When Organizing Email

Reportedly, users admit that there is still one thing that makes Windows 8 better in comparison with Windows 10. This is the email app in Windows 10 that won’t allow people to make subfolders to organize their email. Although this may not be a great issue for others, but for some this might be frustrating, as there is no fix for this yet.

  • Problem with Connectivity

Part of the complaints made by Windows 10 users is the Wi-Fi connectivity that sometimes get disconnected and might not reconnect at some point. Accordingly, this may be a common problem even with the previous versions of Windows, and the only way that might fix this issue is to reboot.

Some users that may resort to disabling Wi-Fi sharing, as it will help make the Wi-Fi connectivity more stable. Although this was never verified yet, you can disable Wi-Fi sharing in Windows 10. Just open the Settings > Change Wi-Fi Settings > and click on Manage Wi-Fi Settings. Simply uncheck the boxes below the For “Networks I Select, Share them with”. Additionally, you can turn off the toggles below the “Connect to Suggested Open Hotspots” and “Connect to Networks Shared by my Contacts.