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Welcome to Viber, the place where all your communication problems go away. If you’ve never used Viber before and you’re looking for an incentive to give it a try, you probably need more than that. For those that might not be up to speed with what this particular service offers, Viber is a communication app that lets you keep in touch with your friends and family as well as maintains business relationships, all through the power of the internet.

Viber falls in the same category as some apps you’ve probably, at the very least, heard of. Such category includes WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Skype. The difference between the first two on this list and Viber is that they focus on instant messaging and overall the text side of communication.

Viber on the other hand, shows much more similarity with Skype in the sense that both apps pride themselves with their excellent voice communication solutions. For Viber, texting is a bonus feature that is by no means bad, but just can’t quite steal the show from the app’s voice calls.

With the release of this new update, the developer is looking to bring an even more performance driven user experience to the already competitive app, meaning that a lot of the things that made Viber great are now more refined and tuned for your needs. Whether you are interested in one on one conversation or a big group chat you can fill with stickers, Viber can provide.

Not to mention, you also get support for cool services such as wearable watches and even your desktop, keeping you connected permanently.

If you don’t want to, or can’t install the newest update over the air, you could always download the APK and install it manually. Just make sure that your phone has “third party apps” enabled, and then you’re good to go.