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Surely by now everyone knows about Minecraft, the building game that continues to grow in popularity with each day. The phenomenon has extended across pretty much all gaming platforms and is available for a huge following that has joined the fun from different types of devices.

Minecraft’s popularity is only rivaled by its demand. The Pocket Edition of Minecraft stands testimony to this, at it brings Minecraft to mobile devices, supplying the building adventure to yet another market.

That brings us to Pocket Edition 1.0, the latest update for the mobile version of Minecraft. With it comes multiple implementations that enhance the experience considerably. Not only is Minecraft Pocket Edition a better game because of it, but it is also finally on a level playing field with the other game versions.

For the longest time, there was a content gap between the different Minecraft platform versions but Mojang and Microsoft have sought to close this gap by bringing the Ender update to the lacking platforms. They have achieved this goal and now can finally present the 1.0 build to eager fans that can’t wait to start building away using the newest block resources and explore the new landscape. Let’s take a look at some of the things which are available in build 1.0:

  • New potions will bring new abilities to players looking to spice up their gameplay;
  • A compelling skin pack consisting of various sets that are now offered together;
  • End cities and mobs such as the shulkers which bring new challenges to awaiting players;
  • Winter zones will feature polar bears and igloos, adding another layer to the game;
  • The infamous Elytra glider which allows players to view constructions from above;
  • The Ender Dragon which can be harvested for Dragon’s Breath.

These are just a few of the goodies awaiting players in Pocket Edition 1.0. Check it out now to get the full scoop on Mojang’s latest update.