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Xbox One and PS4 Minecraft players should be happy to hear that Mojang has started rolling out a major update that will finally put the console edition of Minecraft up to par with the PC one.

The update is called Minecraft 1.10 and it’s filled with game changing features and additional content. It’s great seeing that Mojang has started listening to what their players were asking for, especially since PC and MAC players have been able to enjoy a constant stream of updates while console players have been left behind.

The update will bring New End Ships, New End Cities and this will definitely give Minecraft players something to play with for a while after they manage to finish The End area. What’s cooler is that this update also features Elytra, which is a glider that can only be obtained in The End.

If you are wondering why Elytra is so important, it’s because it gives players the ability to fly all around the map, but players should be careful not to glide upwards for long periods of time because they will find themselves plummeting down to earth.

Minecraft will now be filled with new monsters like Skeleton Trap Horses, Shulker, Husk Zombies and more. Players will be able to use ten additional building blocks and two new status effects: Luck and Levitation.

It looks like the update has started rolling out today and this is the perfect Christmas present any console player could have wished for, but more importantly is that Mojang has finally started paying the same amount of attention to console players as they do to PC and Mac players.

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