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Microsoft has kept the participants in its Windows Insider program updated constantly. They have received periodic preview builds every time they would be available in order to more efficiently test and prepare Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft has decided to not release any new operating system versions and in exchange focus all their time and resources on improving Windows 10.

The next upcoming major update for the platform is the Creators Update which overall will bring an abundance of features and functionalities to Windows 10 that’s already doing better than its predecessor.

Not that long ago, it was specified that the Creators Update test builds will seize to roll in until we officially pass into 2017. Microsoft kept true to their statement in this regard, but thanks to online leaks, a new build has surfaced and we can check out a couple of features that Microsoft was preparing in build 14997. While we don’t exactly know what Microsoft’s plans with build 14997 were exactly, there’s a possibility that we may never get to see that specific build go live.

Microsoft Edge has made an appearance yet again, this time receiving an important update which will allegedly represent the Chrome “pinned tabs” alternative. The feature is called “Set these tabs aside” and will work with a refined tab bar. The tab bar will feature previews.

Aside from Microsoft’s wishing-it-was default browser, other touched topics in build 14997 include the Start menu and the operating system’s OOBE. Pressing Windows Key + C will activate Cortana and Windows Updates will be pausable. All these and more are expected in the next Creators Update patch.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a leak, so the official release date isn’t yet known. For all we know, the build might just get chunked to pieces or baked into another update. Only time will tell what Microsoft is planning.

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