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For so many years, Windows users have used Internet Explorer to search the web and it sure did dominate web browsing until other browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera emerged and became strong competitors.

Last year, Microsoft released the replacement for Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Edge. This promising and latest web browser was integrated in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and Windows Holographic.

Microsoft Edge boasts of several features that promises a unique and convenient web browsing experience. With the Edge, searching anything, from pictures to content can be done directly using the search bar. Not only that, search suggestions will also be given as well as your search history. But come to think of it, Google Chrome also has the same features. Perhaps, it’s just that compared to the features of Internet Explorer, Edge offers better options.

There is one claim by Microsoft, though, that Microsoft Edge has a feature that is exclusive to the latest web browser. This is the feature that lets the user write, take notes and highlight web pages directly. In a nutshell, the Edge will serve as the user’s canvas on the web.

Another trick this web browser is capable of is letting the user save an article he or she wants to get back to later. This is the “reading list” feature and will come in handy for writers, researchers and students. Saving content for later reading is simple. Once user has decided on an article to be saved for later, he or she can just click on the star “Add to favorites or reading list. Next, choose “Reading list” and the select “Add”.

Another way to do this without going to the article or content page is by adding using the right-click menu and adding it to the “reading list”.

Since Microsoft Edge is compatible with Windows 10, it cannot be downloaded to earlier versions of Windows. For Windows users who want to enjoy the features of Microsoft Edge, it’s important to upgrade to Windows 10. Conversely, to download the Technical Preview of Windows 10 with the included Microsoft Edge, users can create an account in the Windows Insider Program.