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The MacBook Pro 2016 came out as a huge disappointment to Apple’s customer base as it did not get the “recommended“ badge by Consumer Reports for the first time ever. This is due to the common occurrence that showed multiple variants of battery testing results.

The 13 inch MacBook which includes a Touch Bar passed the test for the first time but as more one followed it significantly decreased to 4 hours of uptime.

In regard to its 15 inch variant it plummeted from 18.5 hours to just 8. Consumer Reports stated that people who wish to buy Apple’s flagship device should refrain from doing so. To solve this issue, Apple’s recently partnered with Consumer Reports as to make a better understanding of their tests.

The guys from Consumer Reports were not the only ones to complain about Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016’s usability as a lot of customers many of who come from the professional sector have complained about it. Being highly anticipated as the device which will blow away Microsoft once and for all it only disappointed.

Apple are defending themselves by releasing a statement in which they say their devices are used differently by a lot of users when it comes to so many varieties of results when it comes to battery life. This partnership is believed to put an end to Apple’s problem with its new device and we can only hope so as it is such a well build and sought after device.

One of the parties is to release a statement the following weeks as to clarify some of their results. An update is also to be expected as it is hoped to fix this battery issue.