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As the next generation of iPhone will be unveiled somewhere around September 2017, rumors are flooding the internet in regard to which devices will pack the biggest punch on the market. It is believed that new iPhones will come out with curved OLED screens and three variants regarding storage space and performance. They are also to introduce a new red color to their devices.

According to AppleInsider, Apple is developing three new models that go by the name of D20, D21 and D22. This doesn’t come out as a surprise however because the previous iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were developed under the names of D10 and D20.

These reports have people believing that Apple’s new devices will be S versions of the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which might not come out with significant updates. The prize winner in these rumors is the D22 device which goes by the name of Ferrari. It should come equipped with an AMOLED screen and a fascinating design and revamped hardware which will make the device thinner.

The current iPad might share some features with the new iPhone as it is believed to have its logic board separated in two parts thus moving the SIM slot into its bottom half. Its name choice however comes out as a big surprise and if Apple decides to pair with Ferrari for its branding, it will come as the first generation to make such an exciting move.

Regarding these rumors, some say it will be a top of the line model which stands in a tier of its own. We can only hope for these rumors to be true and at the same time believe that its competitors will come out with something just as unbelievable.